Hi we’re FinalBoss - an award winning indie media company that makes cutting edge content for TV and digital platforms!


Peter (pictured right) and Chris (left) first met working for an Irish radio station. They initially struck up a friendship by prank calling each other’s shows and skirting trouble – somehow winning several PPI awards along the way (the highest industry standard in Ireland). Strangely enough this nonsense didn’t impress BBC Radio 2 controllers enough for them to take over from Terry Wogan and their lives went in a different direction!

Peter founded FinalBoss in 2011 to focus on a bolder type of content. Chris soon joined him and their first project Tallafornia Swipe, a satirical online look at the Irish version of Geordie Shore was an unlikely international Reddit hit. By the end of the series their YouTube shows were amassing more views than the actual show had TV viewers.

To date their channel’s clocked over 11 million views and has received press from The Guardian, The Sunday Times and MTV.

In 2013 FinalBoss Media started producing viral content for the largest bookmaker in Europe, Paddy Power, and soon made the jump to digital TV production. Their work has featured on several channels since including Channel 4 (Mashed) in the UK and RTE 2 (Republic Of Telly & The Year That’s In It).

The FBM studio in Galway is fully equipped with the latest audio visual equipment (BBC broadcast standard compliant) and the lads work closely with a roster of freelance animators enabling them to scale for any project.

Thankfully Peter or Chris no longer make dodgy inflammatory phone calls. Well, at least ones that end up in the public domain.